Wrong Body or Wrong World?

As it is Pride Week here in San Francisco, and this blog is about body image, I find this video to be quite fitting.

Karen Lynn Yang

Watch this. Watch all of it, and remind yourself of what it means to be human. And how radical it would be if we cared for each other more than the state would like.

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Almost every morning this last week, I have asked myself, “What is the point?” And Alok’s words, “I wasn’t born in the wrong body. I was born in the wrong world.” helped me to make sense of that. This world is too brutal and unkind, so of course I am asking whether my life makes a difference, and whether it is worth being or discovering who I am. America’s society and our nation discourage community and care, because community and care are unprofitable and unimaginable. As Alok reminds us, we live in a nation where healthcare is inaccessible, where land and space has been stolen and portioned off, where we violently…

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