About Ellie McHale

In the last couple decades, my weight has been a secret, yet very prominent issue. Never wanting people to like me for my appearance, my weight fluctuated from quite low to extremely heavy. This, of course, did its damage. Later down the line, I got an official PCOS diagnosis. For those of you who don’t know, women with PCOS have an incredibly difficult time keeping weight off. We have to micromanage our fuel input and output. That means most of us with PCOS have to keep on top of our daily diet, as well as make sure we stick to a somewhat regimented exercise schedule.

After packing on 60 pounds over the past 6 years, I’ve had enough. Every day that lacks any shred of self care is another day I am causing damage. This blog will touch upon my approach to healing, physically and mentally. I’ll be as honest and open as possible, while protecting myself. I will share what is helping and research I come across along the way. I am open to healthy, intelligent feedback and advice and hope to foster a community of women who are experiencing PCOS. We are not alone!

Welcome to my journey back into a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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With Love, Ellie
A Life In Paperback
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